Population Zero hypes its impending early access launch and talks about PvP and PvE modes


Just in case you forgot that the multiplayer survival sandbox Population Zero is launching on Steam Early Access on May 5th, there’s a sizzle-filled new trailer that sets the game’s general tone and hints at its time-limited gameplay cycle. The video is all pre-rendered, but seems to at least hint at some of the game’s overall beats.

If you’re looking for more game-specific details, then a dev blog this past Friday should wet your whistle, particularly if you’re the sort who thinks PvE and PvP are just incapable of mixing in a sandbox environment. The very first run of Population Zero will be a PvE instance in order to help players get a handle on mechanics, but from there it’s up to players on whether they play in PvE or PvP mode.

No matter which mode is selected, players can look forward to more challenging alterations to gameplay sessions the further they progress. PvE players can unlock an Alternative PvE mode that promises an unexpected plot twist as well at 150% bonus XP for completing the cycle, while PvP’ers can get access to an Ironman mode that includes permadeath but rewards 500% experience if the mode is completed.

sources: Youtube, Steam
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