Conan Exiles’ Architect of Argos DLC and Followers II update are live today


Blink and you’ll have missed it: Just a few days after confirming Architect of Argos was launching at Conan Exiles’ latest builder-centric DLC, Funcom has set it all live.

“Funcom are pleased to announce the release of the Architects of Argos DLC for Conan Exiles,” the studio says. “The new DLC contains a total of 94 new building pieces, placeables and gear, all inspired by the ancient seafaring nation Argos. Conan Exiles takes place in the Hyborian Age, between the sinking of Atlantis and the rise of the known ancient civilizations, and Argos bears a striking resemblance to the present-day Mediterranean. This is reflected in the items made available in the new DLC, all of which are inspired by some of history‚Äôs most glorious cultural treasures. Architects of Argos provides 49 new building pieces and 18 placeables, as well as new weapons and armor. This means that there are now more than 500 different building pieces available in Conan Exiles, in addition to hundreds of pieces of furniture and decorative items.”

The pack isn’t actually on Steam yet as I type this, but it should be live soon, and we expect it’ll run $9.99 like previous packs. The Followers II patch has also deployed to all platforms today, with quality-of-life fixes, AI stances, and the new command system for active followers.

Source: Patch notes, DLC announcement, Steam, press release
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