Star Citizen’s April report talks about Pyro planets, a refining station, and player trading


While a fair bit of Star Citizen’s monthly report for April was about work for alpha 3.9’s release, there are a few intriguing little tidbits to be found in the walls of text about upcoming features headed to the game.

One of the first items that leaps out from the jump is work on planets for the Pyro system, specifically Pyro I and II, with promise of new vegetation and geology. Players should expect “an unstable star, hostile landscapes, and dangerous plant life when it launches.”

The gameplay features section mentions that work is being done on initiatives for Arena Commander, Star Marine, Theaters of War, and Invictus Launch Week (aka Fleet Week), all of which are likely part of May’s lineup of events. The section also elaborates on work on a new player trading app on the mobiGlas UI, which will allow for players to trade credits with one another in its first phase and will eventually allow for the trading of items.

With New Babbage complete, it would appear that the next landing zone is Orison on Crusader, a cloud city that also houses shipbuilding platforms, which is the focus of most of the level design team. The section also promises updates to GrimHEX such as an internal racing kiosk and hangars.

Finally, the System Design section notes work on a Refining Station kiosk, which will allow players to take harvested raw materials and put in a work order to refine them into more valuable products. These refining jobs will have different costs to complete depending on the job type, and refining work will progress even after the character logs off.

There are a few other bits and bobs in the monthly report, so fans are welcome to read through the entire update if they wish.


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Oleg Chebeneev

We might see Crusader this year afterall. Fully implemented and functioning Stanton system would be the biggest milestone ever for SC


2016 wants its comment back

ichi sakari

there are still a lot of issues that I think would scare off new backers, lots of QoL stuff is still absent, some weirdness and imbalances because the systems aren’t fleshed out

I’m amazed they continue to run free-flight events when things aren’t quite ready for newbies to fall into the game and enjoy it – its still definitely a testing alpha environment

that said I don’t run a international corporation that has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, so take my take with a big grain of salt

if you do try it be sure to use a referral code when you sign up, that gets you some in-game currency and bling this week

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