PSA: Nearly all of Gamigo’s MMOs are handing out free codes to new arrivals


Earlier, we mentioned a refer-a-friend promotion that Gamigo is offering for Trove, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t also point out that the same website is offering codes for free goodies for practically every single title under the Gamigo umbrella. Just in case you want to draw a friend into Wargame 1942.

Of course, this offer applies to some of the more well-known titles such as RIFT, Defiance 2050, and Ironsight among others, and as mentioned before, there are a few titles that are exempt from this offer, including ArcheAge.

Our friends at Nerdy Bookahs have offered up a look at a few of these goodies, including a Papa Geio pet for Trove, a Stolen Eldritch Steed for RIFT, and a “Giveaway Stay Home Voucher” for Defiance, which didn’t seem to work for some reason.

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