Magic Legends boasts of ‘one of the most powerful, game-changing features’ Cryptic’s ever made


Need a refresher on Magic Legends or want a behind-the-scenes look at how the OARPG is being made? Executive Producer Steve Ricossa penned the upcoming game’s first-ever State of Development blog that takes fans on the journey from idea to execution.

Ricossa explains how Cryptic Studios eventually settled on key design elements for the game, including the 12-card rotation spell system, a specially modified version of the Cryptic Engine, and a behavior tree for enemy mobs to use as they keep players on their toes. Ricossa said that this last element will be overseen by an “AI Director” which is “one of the most powerful, extensible, and game-changing features Cryptic has ever made.”

Them’s big words, Ricossa. It’ll be interesting to see if Magic Legends can back them up.

The executive producer promised that Magic Legends will adapt to different playstyles: “We have finally created a system that captures the essence of creature summoning while empowering players to make impactful playstyle choices. Players who prefer to max out their creature points and summon hordes, players who like to summon a couple heavies to aid them in combat, and players who enjoy focused spellcasting can all enjoy the system together in the same space.”

Cryptic said that the pandemic caused a delay in the anticipated spring’s tests for Magic Legends, but that the delay was “not dramatic” and that launch should still happen in 2020. In fact, the closed alpha is starting in June (under a strict NDA) with up to 20,000 testers.

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