Raph Koster’s dev studio Playable Worlds opens a new website and begins the search for game devs

No screenshots yet, obviously.

While the world waits to learn more about what Raph Koster has in store for the MMORPG world with his game, we can at least safely confirm that his studio Playable Worlds is making moves. The studio fully built its new website, complete with snappy tag lines and a somewhat dream-like design.

The site itself doesn’t really have many new articles about where the studio’s MMORPG sits at the moment — most of the current news articles are about Koster, his vision, and how close devs are to a metaverse. That said, there have been a number of recent job postings for a protoyper, server engineer, and a client engineer, so the basic foundation of this in-development title appears to be in the works.

Readers will recall that Koster himself has said Playable Worlds’ entry into the genre is “a few years out,” though the game concept itself was enough to secure the studio $2.7M in seed funding. Koster stated in an interview that his experience in a variety of games like Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, and even mobile AR games and digital bar games will inform his experience, saying, “An MMO doesn’t have to be a heavy, multiple hour session experience. A game played in short sessions doesn’t need to be shallow.”

source: Playable Worlds website (1, 2) via Twitter and Reddit (1, 2)


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Toy Clown

As a fan of Raph Koster, I’m excited to see the direction of this project.

Robert Mann

Best of luck to any applying, and to their team on getting great people to fill the positions.


Its just sad we have to wait 6 to 10 years to play whatever they create

Jim Bergevin Jr

It will still be released before Star Citizen gets out of Alpha, though.

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Paragon Lost

Excellent. I look forward to what he and his team produce in the future. 👍🙂