Magic: Legends explores the mechanics of Realms while alpha invites start going out

Wait for it, I guess.

Realms are about more than just having a housing space for your character in Magic: Legends, but they are also about that. Indeed, Realms are meant to provide you with a space to craft things and work on larger projects while also giving you a space that is uniquely your own, allowing you to unlock a variety of features familiar to card game veterans such as lands. More lands give you more bonuses for investing in spells of a corresponding color, so forests buff green spells, islands buff blue spells, and so forth.

Players can also use Mana Vaults to earn more Planar Mana for developing their Realms, Arcane Libraries for spell research, and other features like the Cartographer. It’s a central part of the game’s overall progression, and one that will likely be important in the game’s upcoming alpha test, which is already sending out invitations with dates in June. So pretty soon everyone interested gets a chance to explore these systems, hopefully.

Source: Official Site, Reddit; thanks to Winterskorn for the tip!

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Man i was really hoping that this game would be the next Diablo ….but it is not. I do not like the fact that they are going with having spells as card decks and you get many .. way too many and you get them randomly on your hotbar.. This is really not my type of game. You get D3 mechanics and style but you get these random cards at all times. Its difficult to know what spell you are going to use.. i don’t know It may be a great game for some but not for me.

Hikari Kenzaki

Check those spam folders. I’m not optimistic, but as a diehard MtG Arena player, I can hope.

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I’ve been on the fence about the game since it seemed they’ve moved away from the MMO side of things, but this all sounds very interesting.