Raph Koster will give more insight on Playable Worlds’ in-development MMO next year

No screenshots yet, obviously.

We’ve been wondering just what Playable Worlds, the dev studio headed by Raph Koster, has cooking for the MMORPG world. During a an “MMO Talk” segment on the German gaming Twitch channel Monsters and Explosions (itself run by Mein-MMO.de, GameStar.de, and GamePro.de), Koster revealed that plans for more details are due to arrive at some point next year.

In response to questions from Mein-MMO.de interviewer Leya Jankowski, Koster talked about his team’s next game having a community-involved design, referencing times when devs were in chat and design documents were shared with Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies players at one point. During that discussion, he said that a similar level of insight will be provided next year, mostly because Koster wants to make sure that the engine being developed for Playable Worlds’ MMO can handle what the team envisions before making promises.

The segment also had Koster’s thoughts on the so-called decline of MMOs, where he said that it’s more like MMOs are “swallowing the rest of the gaming universe,” as things like communities forming and multiple people playing at once is taking over all of gaming.

There’s more to this segment, which also features Crowfall executive producer Gordon Walton and talks about what solo-friendly content has done to the genre and just what defines an MMO among other things. You can watch the segment here for all of the discussion. And don’t worry, it’s in English.

source: Twitch 1, 2 via Reddit. This article has been updated after publication to clarify the host websites behind Monsters and Explosions.
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