Last Oasis team addresses wipes, roadmaps, next week’s patch, and the future of the game


So what’s going on with Last Oasis since its rocky early access launch? A lot, as it turns out, though much of it’s been behind-the-scenes. Studio Donkey Crew put out a long blog post and devlog on Steam today explaining that since launch, it’s been operating in “crisis management mode” dealing with those technical issues and working on its communication and morale. Now, it says it’ll be delivering a new vlog monthly, starting with this one, which discusses next week’s patch, the upcoming roadmap, and the future of the game.

“There are so many plans and discussions and ideas that we can’t wait to develop, so be assured that Last Oasis isn’t going anywhere, we’ll keep improving this game to make it the best it can be,” the studio vows.

The written portion of the blog also touches on some specific questions from the community, including concerns about solo-friendliness, hard-capped servers, quality-of-life features, different sizes and types of walker vehicles, punishments for cheaters, private server perks, and the potential for wipes.

“While we’re not excluding the possibility of wipes in the future, we’ve designed the burning system to function as a soft-wipe mechanic, getting rid of old structures and preventing stale clan-owned lands. We’re planning to continuously improve and polish the features that fortify that design ideology. We’re listening to your suggestions and concerns to adjust it to the way you play. Potentially, there could be some additional soft-wipe mechanics in the future that clear the persistent world on a deeper level rather than just destroying old maps, but we’d like to investigate more globally how any of those changes would affect the global map.”

Source: Steam
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