EVE Online’s new Training Boost Bundle causes consternation in the community


In space, nobody can hear you scream, but in EVE Online you can hear the distinct wail of a community uproar thanks to the introduction of a $40 Training Boost Bundle, which grants buyers 1.5 million Skill Points and an Expert Cerebral Accelerator, which grants a temporary boost to attributes in order to make training time faster.

As alluded to in the lede, players of EVE aren’t exactly fans of this bundle, with memes aplenty and callbacks to previous statements from CCP Games regardingg Skill Points. A post from The Ancient Gaming Noob does a good job of both contextualizing and summarizing the pack’s impact as well as giving further voice to the EVE community’s aggravation.

“Skill points are now well and truly available for sale in unlimited quantities. No need to go through the PLEX to ISK to injectors rigamarole, just buy the skill points directly. It is likely cheaper and clearly easier.

“Welcome to free to play, where the inevitable result is pay to win and where whales keep the game running so the cash shop needs to cater to them.”

sources: official site, Reddit, The Ancient Gaming Noob, thanks to Rafael for the tip!
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