Last Oasis maps out 2020 content, plans another year of early access

Oh, look, we found another one.

Remember at the end of June, when Last Oasis rolled out the first part of its Volcanic update? The second part is live today, and it’s got a pinch more flaming lava than the last one, adding lava fuel, hose stations, new themed walker wings and modules, gas masks, and the obsidian machine. Donkey Crew has also posted up a new video for the update as well as an unjustifiably long written blog on how the gas mask asset was created.

But if you make it through all that, you’ll want to take a peek at the 2020 content roadmap the team has posted. Beyond the volcanic theme, the devs are plotting a commerce theme with trading, an ancient theme with ruins and relics. There are no hard dates on this content, beyond just 2020. The dev Q&A following that up does not it’s still working on clan permissions, new points of interest, a cosmetic cash shop, more PvE content, and bugfixing. Players also asked about the “decline in the playerbase,” continuing development, and funding for the game, which was answered like so:

“Considering we still plan on being in Early Access for at least a year from now, so we’ll definitely still be working on the game! We don’t want to give any hints at when full release will happen, but we absolutely plan on seeing it through to that and beyond. [tentative] oh my god karen you can’t just ask a studio about their funding.”

(In fact, you can ask about a studio’s funding, and you should, especially when a game is asking you to pay for it before it’s finished. But it’s a fun meme.)

Source: Steam
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