Sandbox MMORPG Past Fate readies another Kickstarter campaign and shows off alpha footage


Alright, this one is going to need a bit of a refresher. Past Fate is a sandbox MMORPG that we showcased last December which tried (and failed) to bring in $15,000 on Kickstarter but also opened up not one but two open alphas in what appeared to be a bid for getting people’s attention. It would seem that developer Icy North Games is about to toss the dice one more time with yet another Kickstarter drive.

The upcoming campaign is set to kick off on Thursday, July 23rd, while also confirming in a blurb on the latest trailer that open alpha will run until the end of this next funding drive. According to a post on the MMORPG subreddit, the current alpha build has three classes, a variety of quests, a maximum level cap of 15, and the early stages of crafting and gathering among other features.

As before, getting in to the current alpha is a matter of asking for a Steam key on the official Discord, but you can get a look at some of what you’re getting in to with the aforementioned trailer below.


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Dug From The Earth

Open world FFA PvP is a topic that gets brought up frequently, but typically just focusing on the “I love it” or “I hate it” aspect.

The core design flaws and advantages of it rarely get talked about, and thus, its mechanic never really gets improved. No, im not simply talking about how to deal with griefing better either.

The concept is this. In a perceived “real world”, such as back in the medieval ages, there was no invisible wall of force or invisible hand of God to stop someone from brutally murdering someone else. It happened because the freedom existed for it to happen. Even still, it didnt happen as often as players kill other players in FFA open world PvP games. And thats the problem.

Trying to simulate the reality of brutal conflict between “people”, who have the ability to kill you if you cross them, or upset them, or just look at them funny, is a good concept. The part where it fails is that game worlds cant replicate what real life does… which typically are morals, consequences, and downsides.

Players dont fear what will happen if they brutally murder another player. There is no real hesitation to your actions, or anything that makes you have to CHOOSE “should I do this?”. And thus, we have people that just DO it. Frequently, and without second thought. As one popular streamer put it, “I miss games that just let me kill Mfers whenever I want.” I dont honestly believe that is what the concept was behind having open world PvP. Even games like Counter Strike have a purpose for the killing… In open world pvp (especially FFA), there often is little to NO purpose for why you would kill someone.

It creates a game world and immersion factor that is soooo far from the concept of simulating a “brutal world where someone else can kill you”. It becomes super unbelievable. Why? Because humans talk to each other. humans negotiate. Humans bargain, have mercy, and can act reasonable because all of these things can have better outcomes that the alternative (killing the other person). In games, none of these alternatives often exist, or benefit the other player, hence why killing is the ultimate, and only real solution.

Game companies lately have been focusing on the “punishments” for doing these actions (the killings), such as Ashes of Creation. And while yes, some of the deterrents in real life have always been “If the sheriff catches me ill be hanged!” or similar, there are many other non-punishment elements that help keep the majority of people in line and from being sociopathic murder testers. Things like “My character would have some sort of morals”

Thus, until developers can find a way to better simulate the positives and such of NOT “killing Mfers whenever I want”, open world pvp (especially FFA) will always be looked at from 2 polar opposite sides (those that love it, and those that hate it), and never from a middle ground.



One Million Times This.

I regret I can only give you one Like.


Oh, God…


Open world FFA PvP. There is a reason this game did not even make a paltry 15k funding goal.

Given the total number of gamers out there, playing the various diverse games available? Realistically no one wants this sort of game. Sure, a vocal few do, but the numbers are so low as to be irrelevant.

This is especially difficult for new games as there are already ones out there that can scratch this itch.

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

They plan to have both PvP and PvE servers so it’s not exactly “Open World FFA PvP” unless that’s what you choose.

I tried the alphas a couple of times. It’s quite functional and playable already. There are indeed a lot of similar games around, though. It is hard to see where the demand is going to come from.

Robert Mann

Any word on the whole players attacking each other’s buildings on PvE servers? I remembered that being a thing, looked, and didn’t find any explanation of how that’s going to work/change. If they keep that with PvE otherwise, there will be trolls just trying to ruin everything since they can’t be attacked for it… or there’s forced PvP to defend your stuff.

That was the big concern I had about the entire concept the first go around, doesn’t seem to be answered. I’m quite frankly not interested in another ‘offline raiding multiplayer’ experience, but I do like building different things in games where people with the same interest can share ideas and look at each other’s creative ventures.

*Doesn’t mean I’m about to buy into this at this point, just that the concern is a big part of whether ‘PvE servers’ are truly PvE.*