MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Past Fate, Damascus, Rise in Time, and Infinite Fleet


Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs (and MMO-adjacent titles) you’ve never heard of!

Remember Past Fate? It made it into this roundup last year when it was prepping a Kickstarter, but that Kickstarter was ultimately canceled and the game went into its first open alpha back in February. Now it’s pushing toward its second open alpha, running from June 8th to June 15th. According to Steam, it’s still planning to launch into early access this summer.

“Past Fate’s current build has had quite a bit of changes and upgrades from how it was few months ago during its first open alpha testing. Players can choose from 3 classes; Warrior, Priest and Necromancer. Questing experience is also much better now and will go up to level 10 with tons of secret and hidden quests. Exploration will be rewarding as you never know what you can find around the world. Uncover secrets and solve puzzles to get rewards. World bosses! Open Alpha #2 introduces 2 world bosses. These bosses will require multiple players to help you take them down, but they can also reward you with not just huge amounts of experience, but also unique crafting recipes and items.”

Want something a bit more retro? Back in May, a new pixel-art MMORPG called Damascus fully launched on Steam as a free-to-play title. “Our goal is to create a MMO experience that rings true to how classic tabletop Dungeons and Dragons feels with weekly meetups where the dungeon master is creating new custom content for his players taking their decisions and desires into account,” the two-man studio Team Teal says. The game features a RuneScape-esque grind, looting upon death, and an optional two-week sub.

Rise in Time is another new MMO in beta, this one with a strategy bent and beautiful stylized graphics. It’s currently seeking $5200 on Kickstarter.

“Rise in Time is a real-time strategy MMO playable on mobile and desktop, focusing on teamwork, fair competition, and the expression of strategic skill. You start out on a small island with nothing but your airship and a couple of soldiers at your disposal. From there it is your task to advance towards the center of the world. During this journey, you will find new islands where strong new creatures are waiting to join your army; where valuable treasures and powerful artifacts are waiting to be discovered.”

Finally, there’s Infinite Fleet, and – OK, it’s another cryptocurrency MMO, and in saying so, I just lost anybody still reading this roundup. But so it goes and here it is anyway.

“The INF token is the official game currency of Infinite Fleet. Similar to the typical gold or currency found in multiplayer online games of the past and present, INF allows players to purchase virtual items from other players and vendors within the Infinite Fleet game. However, unlike typical game currencies, INF is an actual cryptoasset – meaning that players can transfer it out of the game and into their own cryptocurrency wallets. This way, players have true ownership of their hard-earned game assets. This innovative concept of a cryptoasset being applied to an MMO game currency sets the precedence for a future of frictionless value transfer between virtual and real assets.”

Spot any other MMOs we should cover? Drop us a tip!

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