Albion Online explains the hideouts of Roads of Avalon

Small guilds can have a little hideout. As a treat.

How do we hide with all the glowy bits?

Hideouts? In my Roads of Avalon? It’s more likely than you might think in Albion Online. Yes, players can definitely stake their claim to locations within the Roads of Avalon by locating special energy crystals that keep the mists at bay. An unclaimed crystal allows you to place a hideout, which is still vulnerable during prime time within the area to any guild with sufficient siphoned energy. But since no gateways remain for a whole day and the Hideout defense rules remain more or less standard, guilds who wish to attack these hideouts will have to remain in place while they wait… and since there are no territories to control, it’s both challenging to destroy these hideouts and not as rewarding, giving smaller guilds a defensive shot.

Of course, there are obvious drawbacks to having a hideout in this locale. The lack of permanent gateways affects players who own the hideout, naturally, and the lack of territories means that your Avalon hideout won’t make you any progress in territorial dominion. You’ll also need to explore to find gateways to bring in resources and gear. But each region does have crafting bonuses (albeit lesser ones than the Outlands), which means that a smaller guild can more easily gain some space even if it lacks some of the reliability and resources found in the larger world.

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