Final Fantasy XI previews the story and battles getting added with its September update

It continues.

It’s just about time for the newest update to Final Fantasy XI, and that also means new story content with the next installment of the Voracious Resurgence. That means new reward items, cutscenes, and characters being introduced for players to enjoy. New story content in Vana’diel. That’s still really neat and different, huh?

Not swayed by that? Tough crowd. Well, how about some new Ambuscade content pitting players against quadavs and matamata, with the latter having some hard physical defense but a notable weakness to magic? That’s a nice new monthly rotation.

Wait, that’s still not enough to encourage you? In that case, you should check out the addition of more content to the new Odyssey system, fleshing things out even though the prior installment isn’t all that old to begin with. Oh, and there’s the usual rotation of monthly Records of Eminence objectives to boot. That’s plenty of stuff to enjoy right there.


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The artwork for the new story update is just incredible. Makes me nostalgic