Craftopia has entered early access on Steam

We all haven't memory-holed The Sims Medieval so deep that we forgot the town called Crafthole, have we?

When is a launch not a launch? When it’s early access, naturally. However, the idea of things being a bit rough around the edges but slowly getting refined until everything is in a useful state is basically the definition of on-brand for Craftopia, the new Japan-developed crafting sandbox under discussion. Make things! Build stuff! And do it all for the price of $22.49 through September 11th; the normal access price is $25, but it’s at 10% off for the next week as part of a launch sale.

For those of you who have forgotten about Craftopia, the game has actually gone through a fair chunk of delays, with its closed alpha getting bumped from June to July and the results of that closed test prompting a further delay to this early access launch. But it has finally happened, and if you want to hop in and build like your life depends on it (which, given the genre, it probably does), now is your time.

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Looks interesting / I like the art style!

1. Those poor conveyor cows, haha
2. The harvester with the chainsaws HAS to be an OSHA complaint waiting to happen.

This is one I’ll wishlist and wait for the “A game on your wishlist is on sale” email. Looks like something I could spend a little time on – but not be super in love with.


Might pick it up once the reviews come in. Can’t rely on a lot of .7hr playtime reviews yet.

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Haven’t bought it myself (too much other stuff to play right now), but people seem to be digging it, 79% positive and goes up to 87% if only looking at English reviews. Most negative reviews I saw were complaining about multiplayer bugs.

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In case this hasn’t already been fixed: If your game is a mess of non-translated strings and errors – go to options and switch away from, then back to your prefered language.