VR MMO Zenith opens up its Steam page and shares some gameplay in a new trailer


The in-development VR MMO Zenith is slowly striding forward to its upcoming alpha release, and while developer Ramen VR still is mum about a date for alpha’s arrival, it is eager to begin showing off what it’s added up to this point with a first look at alpha gameplay.

According to the devs, the video represents “less than 20%” of the alpha version’s new content, which promises new environments, classes, and enemy mechanics. The video also shows off some of the alpha build’s visual polish as well as new mechanics for the Blademaster class, which will be detailed soon. If what you’re seeing in the embed below looks intriguing, Zenith can now be wishlisted on Steam.

As a refresher, Zenith is a VR MMO that offers a futuristic world inspired by anime and JRPGs where players can fight, craft, and explore a world under threat from monsters and a slowly returning god king. The game arrived to Kickstarter in August 2019 where it achieved its full ask of $25,000 within a mere four hours, going on to raise over $280,000 in total by crowdfunding’s end. Since then, Zenith has made slow but steady progress, with a pre-alpha in May up to the current (and as of yet undetermined) alpha release.

source: press release

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