Conan Exiles discusses the Isle of Siptah expansion in a stream, begins testing temperature changes on PTS


As one would expect, Conan Exiles is all about its impending Isle of Siptah expansion with a focus on the new content in the most recent developer livestream, where Funcom offered a few more specifics about what to expect.

For one thing, the Isle of Siptah map and the Exiled Lands will not be linked together at the time of launch — as confirmed when the expansion was announced, players must start with a new character if they want to experience the titular isle, though building sets and items in the Siptah expansion will be available in the vanilla map if players have purchased the expansion. There is, apparently, a link between the isle and Exiled Lands that players are able to discover themselves, but it’s more a lore connection than an in-game one.

The stream also confirmed the price for the expansion’s early access will be $19.99, which will be a discount before its 2021 release though the full price was not confirmed. The devs also mentioned they will “probably” work on both maps, focusing on adding features that can be used on both maps instead of specific content exclusive to one map or the other.

The rest of the stream further elaborated on features of Siptah, including information on the magical storms that ravage the island, information on the 14 vaults on the island and how opening one vault can open up other events, the Surge mechanic that will be the primary method players get thralls on Siptah, and the Delving Bench workstation that lets players create and maintain legendary weapons.

The broadcast shared some lore details and a brief bit about an overhaul to the temperature mechanic coming with Siptah; the former got a dedicated blog post while the latter arrived to the Testlive PTS. This new test build not only provides a way for players to try out and give feedback on temperature, but also the expansion’s upcoming progression re-balancing and PvP server adjustment features. The link above offers the Testlive patch notes while another dedicated devblog offers a closer look at these changes.

There’s a lot of information for Conan Exiles players to take in, so make sure to provide a few moments to read the above links and either watch the full stream below or scour the synopsis on the forums.

sources: YouTube, official site, official forums (1, 2, 3)

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Jeremy Barnes

I enjoy the game a great deal, but this xpac sounds awful. We won’t fill in that upper right area of the map so here’s a something totally disconnected from the rest of the game!!

Jon Wax

60% of what could be a great survival mmo…

Swap swords for guns and modernize it and it’d be close to perfect. Maps still too small. Great building aspect tho

Hikari Kenzaki

Insert Not Sure If Serious Gif here…

It’s Conan.

Maybe Dune will be more to your liking.

Jon Wax

Def serious. A large portion of the game is solid mechanically.


I recently went through Conan Exiles and played through, explored the island/caves/dungeons/etc and it was a pretty good experience all around. In the end it got very basic because the Thrall did all the work and you kinda just sat back and tried not to die to AOE attacks but it was still pretty enjoyable. In many ways it felt like a classic RPG game where you can explore, discover lore and try to figure out the mysteries of the place you ended up.

Mechanically speaking there were three things that annoyed the shit out of me one of which was temperature and armor. The worst was wearing cooling gear to do the lost city area only to start freezing myself when I got back home because it was “too cold” was just absurd. So good changes there hopefully.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

My major issues with CE:
ranged combat is too much of a hassle – takes too much efford keeping yourself stocked with ammo.
No spell casting
Everything related to temperature
Endgame way too obscure for its own good. There might be plenty to do, but if you don’t know where any of it is, or what content is relevant to your power it doesn’t do you any good.

Nice of them to try to fix one of these – fix two more and I might return


In end I swapped to Range and it wasn’t much of a hassle. Biggest hassle I found switching to Archery was that the range of armors that add +Archery is basically terrible. Getting a decent armor/temperature/stat mix was like impossible. Ammo was relatively easy as most of the time you’re stacking poison set arrows and then just occasionally refreshing the poison dot while your Thrall works things down.

Personally I don’t want a guided experience. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the game on my own and discovering things. Everywhere I went I was always looking for some hidden note or book or sign of what the place was all about or what went on there. Had it not been for that the game is basically a pretty empty shell of watching your Thrall do all the work while you collect loot after it’s done.

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, I’m unsure how long it’s been since losludvig has played, but Archery had a major revision a while back. I’ve always main’d archer in our group we do on streams with MJ and it’s always been viable.

With the changes they made, it’s a huge benefit for a group to have an archer or two (usually myself and MJ) who know what they are doing.


Well he’s not wrong in that you go through a ridiculous amount of arrows for sure. Like if you’re not just poison dotting all the things you’ll probably go through at least 10-20 arrows per thing between building crippling stacks, knockdowns/backs and headshot damage.

However if you just switch to poison arrows and use it more as a ranged support/helper for your Thrall then it’s much more manageable. Just stack it up and reappply every few seconds instead.