Conan Exiles discusses the Isle of Siptah expansion in a stream, begins testing temperature changes on PTS


As one would expect, Conan Exiles is all about its impending Isle of Siptah expansion with a focus on the new content in the most recent developer livestream, where Funcom offered a few more specifics about what to expect.

For one thing, the Isle of Siptah map and the Exiled Lands will not be linked together at the time of launch — as confirmed when the expansion was announced, players must start with a new character if they want to experience the titular isle, though building sets and items in the Siptah expansion will be available in the vanilla map if players have purchased the expansion. There is, apparently, a link between the isle and Exiled Lands that players are able to discover themselves, but it’s more a lore connection than an in-game one.

The stream also confirmed the price for the expansion’s early access will be $19.99, which will be a discount before its 2021 release though the full price was not confirmed. The devs also mentioned they will “probably” work on both maps, focusing on adding features that can be used on both maps instead of specific content exclusive to one map or the other.

The rest of the stream further elaborated on features of Siptah, including information on the magical storms that ravage the island, information on the 14 vaults on the island and how opening one vault can open up other events, the Surge mechanic that will be the primary method players get thralls on Siptah, and the Delving Bench workstation that lets players create and maintain legendary weapons.

The broadcast shared some lore details and a brief bit about an overhaul to the temperature mechanic coming with Siptah; the former got a dedicated blog post while the latter arrived to the Testlive PTS. This new test build not only provides a way for players to try out and give feedback on temperature, but also the expansion’s upcoming progression re-balancing and PvP server adjustment features. The link above offers the Testlive patch notes while another dedicated devblog offers a closer look at these changes.

There’s a lot of information for Conan Exiles players to take in, so make sure to provide a few moments to read the above links and either watch the full stream below or scour the synopsis on the forums.

sources: YouTube, official site, official forums (1, 2, 3)
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