World of Warcraft’s void cat Jenafur is found at long last, as is the currency option from the Great Vault in Shadowlands

One of these things will probably make you happy!

Different kitty.

Players in World of Warcraft sure do love their kitty cats, even the ones that periodically sprout void tendrils. That’s what Jenafur does, a kitty who has long stymied the game’s secret-finding community as players have searched for how to obtain Jenafur as a pet. But the secret has been uncovered, with a new video from Kelani explaining how to get your very own void-touched pet if you so desire. And who wouldn’t want a new kitty cat?

Well, possibly people who are a bit annoyed at finding out the currency reward from the Great Vault in Shadowlands. It had been previously stated that players could pick a currency option if none of the randomized (but non-repeating) options in the Great Vault would actually be helpful in a given week, but it turns out that the reward in question is… Anima, which is useful but offers no actual gear improvements to purchase. The comments are thus full of people asking for players to just get currency and buy gear, a gameplay loop that WoW did actually have back in Wrath of the Lich King.

Source: YouTube, Wowhead

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As consolation prizes for bad RNG go, this is a pretty disappointing one.