Legends of Aria casts a spotlight on a player-run PvE server and its new Warlock class


I was today years-old when I learned that a Legends of Aria player has created a custom PvE server that has its own unique classes. Of course, the fact that this game has PvE servers is certainly nothing new, and the game has several PvE-minded shards. In any event, I suspect that this TIL moment is the purpose of a spotlight post from the admin of the HOPE Society PvE server that offers a look at a new Warlock class.

The Warlock is a pet class that brings a variety of summoned defensive friends to the battlefield including Warg Hounds and a Daemon to guard a location, along with a fully controllable Familiar that follows player commands. The Warlock itself, meanwhile, can curse enemy minds, reducing speed, stats, and damaging them over time, while the class also comes with skills that help it regenerate mana and health over time.

The Warlock is just one of now three classes unique to the HOPE Society server, along with the Pyromancer class and the Druid class. The post also touts an expansive crafting system, a collaborative community, and individual loot rewards for group members taking on dungeons and raids. And while the server is PvE, it also touts significant dangers like custom enemy factions, increased dungeon difficulty, and more than 50 added discoverable locations.

Those who want to find out more about the server can check out its official site, while a video showcasing the recently added Warlock class is embedded after the cut.

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