Wurm Online’s Steam success means a bigger team, tutorial improvements, and new content


With Wurm Online safely enshrined on Steam and pulling in “unprecedented” numbers of players thanks to the platform, Code Club is moving on to prepping its next move – and it involves more devs, more marketing, and more content.

“The surge in popularity has definitely exceeded our expectations and it seems like it can give us some headroom in expanding the development team, which should help us increase the development pace of both new features and bug fixing,” Code Club’s Samool writes. “Most of you might not know this, but we have had very few hired or contracted developers for quite a while now, much fewer than you would expect from a game of this scale – but we’re well on the way to fixing that.”

As those new developers are brought in, the team will be working on content and UI improvements. New and prospective players will be happy to know that includes the tutorial: “The tutorial will be getting some polishing, and we’ll be introducing additional in-game tips and tools to help the newer Wurmians learn the ropes and perhaps not get too frustrated by constantly digging through the wiki.” On the content side of things, expect the combat overhaul, sound design overhaul, and a proper account system “to consolidate character ownership into a single account, improve the security of your accounts and ease the management of them.”

In the further future, the team is tackling a “exploration focused update, intended to make the wilderness of Wurm more interesting to explore, with different random encounters to be had around the world” in addition to a creatures revamp. In other words, we’re anticipating big things from the sandbox in the next year or two!


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Deadly Habit

I really hope some of the new enhancements features in normal Wurm Online make it over to Unlimited some day.


Vaguely described updates when they’ve already lost their majority of their Steam launch playerbase. Wurm is now exactly what it will be for a long time to come.

A purposefully stunted java game with great ideas but lacking the developer initiative to take the concept to a new level.

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I’m glad to hear this. I returned to the game for the steam launch with a new character and I’m really enjoying myself. Things seem to make more sense second time round. I’ve also met some really nice people which always helps. :-)