Pathfinder Online is still alive, and the devs are embracing the cloud


Pathfinder Online is transitioning to the cloud, and no, that’s not a euphemism for ascending to heaven because Pathfinder Online is still alive against all odds. Yesterday, the Paizo/Goblinworks team still attached to the game announced that it’s taking its first steps into porting the game into cloud.

“It’s hard to predict what other complications will arise as we finish off [internal testing] and move on to [the staging and production builds], but we’ll try to provide more updates along the way now that we’ve moved past initial cloud setup/configuration into getting individual parts of the game system working, tested, debugged and polished. We don’t have a good ETA for when we’ll get this all finished up, but hopefully we’ll build up a better picture of that as we polish up Int and see more clearly which things are working well and which things need significantly more work. However, the destination is at least in sight now, a little blurry perhaps but still visible, and we thank you all for joining us on the winding path there.”

MMORPG vets will remember that Pathfinder Online was Kickstarted for over a million dollars back in 2012, but its development (remember “minimum viable product?”) and staffing struggles led to mass layoffs by 2015, followed by several years of Paizo attempting to salvage the game and find new investors. Since then, the skeleton crew remaining on the title has actually made some progress and pushed its way into “open enrollment” earlier this year. You can get all caught up on that with our past articles, included below!


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The fact that Pathfinder Online is still running baffle me. Pathfinder Kingmaker exist and it is a decent Pathfinder game.


There must be some practical reason why Paizo is not just cutting its losses and let the game die, as its extremely unlikely the game will ever become more than its now.


Heh. Somehow this just feels like a way to cut costs and skim more money from investors.

Anyone with an ounce of sense would know that real time games based on fast and accurate actionresponse timing will not work in the Cloud technology of today.

Maybe someday, but not today. I am afraid this game is just going off to die somewhere else (cheaper).


I dont think they have any investors cause the game was designed with early 2010’s standards and will be hard to attract attention – generally its a pity cause I like pathfinder as a theme but I think most they can do is cut expenses and make it a game that can work with a small playerbase

Rodrigo Dias Costa

Actually, there are lots of games that uses Google and Amazon cloud solutions to host their server. For Honor and Dead by Daylight uses AWS. Dauntless and Apex Legends uses Google Cloud. There are many other examples as well.

I understand that maybe it still is not enough for a highly populated, 24/7 persistent MMO, but you can’t really say that about Pathfinder Online…


“As we transition away from physical servers and move to the cloud…”
Like the servers in the cloud aren’t physical…

Kickstarter Donor
Java Jawa

Not sure what else to say, but okay. I’m a bit surprised there’s anyone left playing it.