Final Fantasy XIV previews its next major patch, Futures Rewritten, in its newest live letter

We were born to run.

The next patch forĀ Final Fantasy XIV isn’t coming out until December, but the latest live letter from producer and director Naoki Yoshida has already revealed some details for the upcoming patch 5.4. And there’s plenty for players to dig into, including the new Explorer Mode for cleared dungeons allowing you to roam dungeon maps you’ve already cleared for posing and the like. No enemies, but free use of limit breaks and target dummies to attack! You can even mount up, and you can change your UI to the new “classic” blue-and-silver window format from older series titles.

That’s enough for a patch, right? Of course not, and the new patch will be focused on the start of a new section of the MSQ (which appears to include Aymeric and the Vanu Vanu), the showdown with Emerald Weapon, the new Eden’s Promise series of raids, and the new dungeon Matoya’s Relict. We’ll have to wait a little longer for an official digest, but for the time you can catch up on the highlights via Twitter.

Source: Twitter
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