Final Fantasy XIV announces the Make it Rain campaign starting on October 21

Give me hope that help is coming when I need it most.

There will sadly be no All Saints’ Wake inĀ Final Fantasy XIV this year; the game’s annual ghoulish celebration is a victim of the development delays in the wake of the global pandemic. This is unfortunate, but it does mean that the annual Make it Rain campaign is starting early and includes a representative from the Continental Circus inviting you into the Haunted Manor masquerade once more. And that’s not even the main attraction at the event, running from October 21st to November 20th.

Players will be earning increased MGP rewards (50% improved, to be specific) while also unlocking a new emote and three new minigame stands to use in housing. Plus, as mentioned, there’s that Haunted Manor to explore once again for adventurers seeking a spooky surprise. It’s not quite up to a full-on celebration of the most macabre season of the year, but you get to win big and have a few frights, so that should hopefully be enough to delight.


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