Cliffy B now states he might return to game development after all

We are truly in the darkest timeline

Less than radical, really.

In November of 2018, Cliff Bleszinski (or “Cliffy B” if you prefer) stated that he was never making another game ever again, for real, never. Many people responded to this by posting that bit from The Cabin in the Woods with the enthusiastic, “The evil has been defeated!” Especially people who had dealt with the launch and fizzle of LawBreakers followed by the even quicker launch and fizzle of Radical Heights. And yet now… Bleszinski has stated that maybe, maybe, he’ll go back and make another game.

Of course, perhaps Mr. Bleszinski has matured and grown since those halcyon days. Yes, this was the time when he first stated that he was going to try to be “less of a dick” in online interviews before stating that he thought gaming journalists could “fuck off,” but we might attribute all of that to stress and a difficult working environment. Surely there have been no more ill-considered comments this year, like his claiming that LawBreakers failed due to being “too woke” back in February. You know, that story in which we declared the death of the English language.

Also, he would like to remind you to please buy his book either way. Awesome.

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