Final Fantasy XI announces its November update with a newbie channel and more story

It continues.

The Voracious Resurgence continues along inĀ Final Fantasy XI, and the game’s November version update will start in on the second chapter of this new story arc. This installment brings players to Windurst and will feature a variety of familiar story characters along with a fair bit of… rolanberries. Yes, rolanberries. Of course, you’ll still need some repeatable content to get you through the month once that story is over and done with, so you’ll be happy to note the update also contains the usual cycling of Ambuscade content with new enemies.

Players will also see the new Assist Channel getting its intended functionality with the November update, with the intent remaining that the channel should help returning players and new players alike find others to help them with the game. This also means that Mentor status will be revoked for existing players, but those who previously qualified and still want to serve as mentors should be able to promptly get it back. It’s a nice chance for fans of the game to give guidance to newer arrivals, and given that this is yet more story content going into the game, there may be a few more returners on deck for the patch.


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