CCP Games’ EVE Online community raised $135,500 for COVID-19 response through PLEX for GOOD

EVE Online is having a good run right about now. Not only is it busy enjoying topping its own Guinness World Records and contributing to citizen science, but today CCP Games announced that the players beat their record – again – when it comes to PLEX for GOOD, the company’s long line of charity initiatives that allow players to turn their in-game currency into PLEX and then PLEX into donations to various causes. The most recent benefited COVID-19 victims and research:

“CCP Games, creators of the deep and uniquely player-driven spaceship MMO game EVE Online, are proud to announce PLEX for GOOD, the charitable EVE Online program, has been successful in raising over $130,000 for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (CHS). Raising $135,500 since April 3rd , PLEX for GOOD is a charitable program operated by CCP Games on behalf of EVE Online players. Having already raised $107,454 in February for Australian bushfire relief efforts by the Red Cross, this year has been its most successful yet. It provides a way for EVE players to donate to a charitable cause through the use of the in-game digital currency PLEX -allowing for charitable donations by those who otherwise might not have the means to donate real money.”

The influx of donations now brings PLEX for GOOD to $713,620 total over the lifetime of the campaigns since 2005; we’ve covered them all, including earthquakes in Nepal and Haitifloods in PakistanTyphoon Haiyan in the Philippinestornados in the US, the tsunami that ravaged Japan in 2011, and the Australian fires earlier in this hell year. Good show, EVE players.

Source: Press release
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