EverQuest 27th expansion, Claws of Veeshan, is set to go live this afternoon


Happy expansion day, EverQuest! Yes, the newly purchased Daybreak is delivering Claws of Veeshan to one of its apparently still much-loved classic MMOs today. The expansion boasts six new zones, the Dragon’s Hoard storage system, and the usual assortment of new quests, raids, abilities, and collectibles.

“Velious is overwhelmed with writhing ice. Frozen undead swarm everywhere. The few survivors throw aside old hatreds, for now at least, and band together to survive. The heroes of Norrath arrive to help them, but they have not discovered the source of the deadly ice. The remaining giants of Kael, now more able to move around their city, carve a tunnel out to the Cobalt Scar. It is time for the bravest heroes of Norrath to challenge the dragons of Velious and put an end to the deadly magic that has tormented the citizens of the continent.”

Servers are expected to be back online with the new expansion by 3 p.m. EST.¬†As we’ve previously noted, the basic buy-in for the expansion is $34.99, though the “family and friends” edition could see you plopping down as much as $250 if you just gotta have all the extras.

And as for you EverQuest II fans, stay tuned, as your annual expansion drops next week.

Source: Twitter, Official site. This post’s title was tweaked after publication; this is the game’s 27th expansion, not 26th.
And it’s live!


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