Bless Unleashed kicks off its second closed beta test on PC


It’s round two for Bless Unleashed on PC! The second closed beta test for the MMORPG console port is underway, running between now and Monday, January 18th.

This new CBT round brings with it the promise of various improvements made in response to player feedback. Players should now expect to enjoy better performance, better UI, better combat controls, and visual enhancements. Those who take part in this round of testing will also be getting a unique title, a Golden Hyaenodon mount, and a care package with 50,000 Star Seeds and 200,000 gold. As far as content, players will be able to get a full look at “all the content that [has] been developed up until now” according to the launch notice.

Those who are joining in on the closed testing fun are advised to keep an eye on the game’s Steam page, which will offer regular updates. There’s also a way for players to receive Bless Unleashed news notifications pasted to their Google Calendars if they so choose; instructions for doing that can be found here.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)

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Bless doesn’t deserve the free advertising this site is providing


Just a matter of time before they launch this and then months later shut it down… again..


Not the same product. In fact people had pretty good things to say about the first closed beta. And I’m talking about real comments here on MOP, not shills. It could still flop, especially considering that they named this one Bless too, but I don’t think it’s going to be quite as flawed as the first one.


I tried the first Beta test on Steam and it was not very good.

The UI was for console and did not work really well on PC with mouse and keyboard.

I thought there was no jump until someone corrected me that it was bound to a key different than Spacebar… I bet I’m not the only one who thought there was no jumping in the game.

The character creation is VERY bad… you just can’t make a character that’s not ugly… I mean the quality of that aspect of the game is piss poor… like even below the quality of cheap Chinese trash Auto Play MMOs on mobile. I don’t even understand how they barely developed that aspect of the game and decided that it’s good enough. I thought this game was well funded and tries to market itself as a AAA 2021 MMO. Apparently not the case.

Combat felt janky and not very satisfying to me.

The world and armors look super generic and boring – the world looks like south Europe (Italy, Spain) and the armors look like some edgy anime shit trying to appear super epic and awesome with their epicness and awesomeness. They just look cheap. As for the world itself – it just looks really dull, Vanilla WoW from 2004’s world looks better and more appealing compared to Bless Unleashed 2021’s world.

The game is not bad, but it’s not good either. It’s just generic and mediocre. It looks even worse considering they are marketing it as something amazing and modern, which it clearly isn’t. I’m frankly amazed how can it be this generic and mediocre.