RuneScape’s newest patch improves the player-owned farm


If you have a farm in RuneScape, some animals there are probably your favorites. The latest patch allows you to specifically set some animals as favorites to avoid accidentally selling or trading them to other players. It also makes it easier to feed your animals honeycomb, expands the option to have buyers appear via word of mouth, and makes a number of additional improvements to keeping animals, feeding them, and even building up your farm structure.

Other improvements in the patch include fixes for Archaeology, adjustments to default camera sensitivity for players on mobile devices, and changes to the requirements for the “Not Such A Rotten Idea” achievement. Check out the full patch notes, as always, to get a detailed rundown of all the changes and improvements that have found their way to the game. You can even discuss the changes with your favorite animals down on your farm, although you’ll have to select a couple of favorites first.


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Nothing about this made it feel like ‘your’ farm. It’s granny’s farm, which you’re being lent the option to use with side-eye, and which is just intended as a hub place to work on farming in a game that used to make farmers run the world over to even practice their skills…thus making you learn whole other areas and learn the quickest routes/best stuff to bring/put in them…this is a downgrade in my personal opinion, and it certainly doesn’t feel like ‘my’ farm where I’ve put in the effort to make it functional/built/working…