Craftopia promises its next major update on February 10 with a new map and new skills

A tope of craf.

Crafting things takes time in Craftopia, and that’s as true of updates as it is of items within the game. But the next major update to the game has almost finished behind the scenes, and the team has announced that it’s arriving into the game on February 10th, placing it just scant weeks away. Fortunately, that also means you’ll have some time to prepare, as the update is bringing with it five or more new bosses for players to fight and successfully bring down.

Not that it’s all about fighting; the game is called Craftopia, not Fight-a-bunch-of-dudes-topia. Those games already exist. No, the patch also brings in at least two new skills for players to master, a new map, personal storage that you can access from anywhere, and the ability to transplant rocks and trees for the most happy environment possible. WHile the full patch notes aren’t available yet, the preview should tease you with enough new patch content to get you very excited ahead of the 10th.

Source: Steam

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