Destiny 2 adds a Hawkmoon catalyst quest, discusses seasonal activity length and Umbral Engrams’ return


Bungie’s latest weekly update is once more full of information about what’s new and incoming for Destiny 2. In this week’s post, we’re getting a look at the addition of a new quest line to unlock a catalyst for the Hawkmoon exotic weapon (provided you’re a Season of the Hunt owner) as well as another lineup of changes coming for the looter shooter’s next season.

The new exotic quest line introduces a new Harbinger activity, which not only unlocks the weapon’s new catalyst but also has new random rolls for the weapon, letting players chase the kind of big honkin’ pistol they’re looking for.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the update talks up further Season 13 and Year 4 updates, including a list of activities that will be sticking around through Year 4 after the current Season of the Hunt ends (and some things that won’t); the return of Umbral Engrams in Season 13, which can be earned from Patrols, Strikes, public events, and more; the return of the Prismatic Recaster as a kiosk that lets players transform their Umbral Engrams into Focused Umbral Engrams; and information about turning Titles into Gilded Titles with Season 13.

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