Shadowbanning of Elite Dangerous ‘slavers’ is reportedly corroborated by email screenshots


The actions of the 7th Labor Division (7LD) group in Elite: Dangerous, who readers will recall were ensnaring brand-new players into mining servitude while actively keeping them misinformed about ways to escape, appear to have hit the consequence phase.

Earlier this week, at the end of an article detailing an interview with one of the group’s leaders from YouTuber The Pilot, we updated the story with word from the Fuel Rats that members of 7LD were receiving actions on their game accounts. Thanks to a new video from YouTuber ObsidianAnt, it appears that these “shadowbanning” reports are accurate.

This corroboration comes by way of people sharing emails from Frontier Developments that once again explain their accounts are banned from playing in private groups or Open Play and fleet carriers are inaccessible due to violation of the scamming section of the game’s TOS.

ObsidianAnt reached out to his contacts in FDev for comment about the matter, who stated, “Account details (including any action taken) are between Frontier and the account owners” and that “If anyone has lost access to their carrier unexpectedly, they should go through the usual bug report/support channels.” Furthermore, when ObsidianAnt asked a CM about whether FDev would make any further public statements about the whole ordeal, he was told, “I don’t expect we’ll comment anything further on the topic publicly.”

It’s once more important to note that these shadowban reports are coming from players, and it’s also important to note that members of 7LD plan to appeal the decision. You can get ObsidianAnt’s full report in the embed below.

sources: YouTube, Reddit

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