Star Citizen previews alpha docking features, launches Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year events


It’s a bunch of Star Citizen stuff today, with the usual weekly episode of Inside Star Citizen as well as some highlighted seasonal events that are being celebrated.

In the weekly video digest, we get a look at ship-to-ship and ship-to-station docking features that will arrive with alpha 3.13. Ship-to-ship docking is specific to the Merlin and the Constellation, while the Hammerhead and 890 Jump are the only ships that require the use of a new extended station docking sleeve. As for using these docking features, that’s a matter of lining up dots and a guidance box to link up with the target, or simply holding down the landing key and letting auto-dock do the hard work for you.

The video then went into a sprint report, providing an in-development look at new cave systems meant for ground and air vehicles to traverse through, along with peeks at new Pyro plants, several company logos, a number of outpost furniture items, and the first version of the reputation UI in the mobiGlas.

Finally, CIG is marking both Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year in a very Star Citizen way, with lore about the holidays in the game’s universe, a variety of related ship and ship paint sales, and in the case of the Lunar New Year, word that all major hubs in Stanton have hidden red envelopes that can be found and then sold at kiosks.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2)
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