World of Warcraft’s Wandering Ancient mount is out, but it’s taking some time to roll out


The community was asked, and they answered. World of Warcraft players are finally getting the community-voted mount, the Wandering Ancient, a big walking treant with special seasonal coloration for players to enjoy. All of the various seasonal colors have already been datamined by Wowhead, along with the colors for the upcoming Daisy the Sloth pet as part of the game’s upcoming charity drive.

The one downside is that not everyone has been getting the mount terribly quickly, with Blizzard acknowledging that some players are experiencing delays with receiving the mount. Everyone who purchased the game’s expansion should still receive the mount, although some players will simply have it show up in their mount journals. So keep your eyes open, and don’t worry if you didn’t get it right away; you’re still on the list.


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Lucky Jinx

Ugliest thing ever. I still can’t believe this was the mount that got most votes.