Wild Terra 2 adds in dungeon difficulties and solo dungeons with its latest patch

Relatively mild terra.

Ready to go dungeon diving in Wild Terra 2? What do you mean no? The developers gave you a whole patch just for that! See, there’s even a difficulty selection option that lets you move between five different settings, with harder settings rewarding better loot! Heck, there are even solo iron mines and a mysterious hideout to be explored by lone players, giving you all the more dungeons to explore! You should totally be pumped about going dungeon crawling here.

Still not feeling it? Gosh, that’s ungrateful. Developers worked hard to give you some fun dungeon experiences. How about a reporting system for reporting players who are breaking the game’s rules via harassing behavior or botting? Or maybe some updates to slings and arrows (not necessarily of outrageous fortune)? Will that get you appropriately ready for stuff? Good. We’re so glad. Oh, now you want to go dungeon diving? Make up your mind.

Source: Steam

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You forget to mention the Insidious Kobolds in solo mines. That’s a real plus!

I always look for Insidious Kobolds in my games.