EVE Online’s Foundation Quadrant celebrates the game’s 18 years and four empires with challenges and gifts


If you thought that a call for player footage for a video montage was all that EVE Online was planning to do for its 18th anniversary, then you’d be quite wrong indeed. The game’s next Quadrant of updates, known collectively as Foundation, will be marking both the game’s 18 year history and the four different empires with promise of connected events, art updates, rewards, and more.

The all officially begins with the Capsuleer Day celebration running between May 6th and May 18th, followed by a series of in-game events focused on celebrating each of the four main empires that will run over the course of the Quadrant. Players can look forward to limited-time challenges, art updates, rewards, and daily gifts, as well as learn some more behind some major figures in each empire. Additionally, each empire will begin construction of new stargates to their territories and will need players’ help to get some needed materials.

Foundation will introduce other updates as well, such as the return of ESS Reserve Bank keys, some updates to improve the accessibility of the Triglavian-held region of Pochven, and a new 3-D model for Aura, the tutorial AI that greets new players.

In other EVE news, there’s an interview with a Capsuleer by the name of Beebles who has been creating an EVE Online card game as an apparent mental break from his PhD studies in physical chemistry, astrochemistry, and combustion research. The cards themselves have all the hallmarks of an established CCG, and draw inspiration from people, players, and events that have occurred in the game’s history such as a Mittani card, cards related to the Massacre at M2-XFE, and a card for the Magic School Bus spaceship. Beebles has made 30 cards so far and fans would do well to check out his creations if they haven’t done so already.

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