Early access Temtem deep-dives the Cipanku update’s mythic lairs in new trailer


Back in April, early access critter-collecting MMORPG Temtem dropped Cipanku on early-adopting players. Among the additions to this very pink place are Mythical Temtem themselves, though of course to claim them, you’ll first need to group up and take on their lairs, which are the subject of Crema’s latest video.

“Mythic Lairs are now available through Temtem’s Cipanku Island update and allow three to five players total to journey together in co-op in hopes of capturing Mythical Temtem. In Mythical Lairs, players will progress through their own randomly generated path, sharing resources amongst the team. Additionally, players will be required to form their Temtem team and inventory during the Lair, thinking strategically about when and what to bring. Throughout the Lair, players will be able to collect mythic jewels. If the team is able to collect 18 mythic jewels, they will gain access to battle the Mythical Temtem Tyranak.”

MMO players will recall that Temtem was originally supposed to launch on multiple platforms this spring and summer, but 2020 threw a wrench in many of those plans. Crema did manage to speed up the launch on PS5, however. We don’t have a new roadmap or revised launch plan just yet.

The new mythic lair video – and the Cipanku island update trailer, in case you missed it, is down below.

Source: Press release


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Neat! I hope its a good update. I like the look of the island and the mythic lair feature sounds like a good addition for group play.