WoW Classic backs down on cloning prices, connects soon-to-be-desolated servers


You see, it wasn’t just us complaining about the obscenely high price point of WoW Classic’s upcoming cloning service. The $35 option received so much intense backlash from every quarter that Blizzard uncharacteristically has backed down and made this macrotransaction a microtransaction.

“Over the last week or so, we’ve gotten a very large amount of feedback from the community, and we’ve decided to lower the price,” the studio posted. “After careful consideration, we’ve decided to lower the price of a cloned character in WoW Classic to $15.00 USD ($20.00 CAD, $20.00 AUD, $24.00 NZD).”

Blizzard also posted its plan to connect — but not merge — Classic Era servers that won’t be moving forward into Burning Crusade Classic. This will allow for enough of a crowd to continue to allow vanilla players to run dungeons and raids without feeling as though they were abandoned by 95% of the playerbase.

“Our goal is to maximize the opportunities for Classic Era players to establish strong communities and carry on enjoying their way of play. We hope to see healthy populations of connected realms for Classic Era players, and we’ll continue to monitor and consider further connections in the future,” it wrote.


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If Blizzard keeps treating people like this they’ll wake up and leave some day.

No they won’t and Blizzard knows it.

Sarnaut Explorer

So the big takeaway is, ActiBlizzen wanted to sell a service, and based that service’s value off of the other services they sell. It was most likely a range of what they thought people would likely pay, and, as Arktouros has stated in the comments as well, they went with the highball number for maximum profit. Since they had a price range, the backlash left them with the option to either keep the price or lower it to appease the customers. The fact that it still is over what people said they would pay for probably has to do with that exact poll. Which also doesn’t really help their image in this situation. Fans should be upset that they were asked about a specific dollar amount in a poll and then it got jacked up due to some unspoken reason to the consumers. Whether merely to appease the raging mobs while still being “appropriately profitable”, or a calculated “malicious” business tactic pulled from the collective mind of a corporation makes no difference when their actions lead consumers to a much lower cost for a system that more or less was already in place. I get that PTR is temporary and business is business, but this is literally an additional cost for something that has a sub-fee and cosmetics sold to you. It is about how much money we can make. Not about how good of a product that will attract masses to play. I was always taught that Capitalism drives innovation and improvement, but that definitely is not the case in our little corner of the business space, let alone in the mess everywhere else (speaking from U.S. situation). That’s my take, so I’m gonna get off this soapbox.


It’s a shame that people still pay Activision B to swindle them. Retail’s a joke both in terms of gameplay that feels like FarmVille and how stupid the story is, because it’s developed around the time sink gameplay mechanics that have artificial difficulty in the sense of grind, because gameplay is so lacking and shallow.

And why would people pay for TBC? There have been TBC private servers since 2007. The Vanilla Classic was a joke – it was and is still full of bots and the private servers offer a more pleasant experience… FOR FREE.

People need to wake up and smell the coffee – to stop paying a single coin to these con artists and liars that are Activision B and make them go bankrupt so they can go live in the dumpsters and get bullied (and worse) by hobos.


What is this cloning service? The article doesn’t even mention it.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

The only thing about this situation that is dumber than the way ActiBlizz has handled it is how many people are saying this outrage and price drop were “planned”.

ActiBlizz is run by risk-averse capitalists looking to milk everything they own dry. They really just thought $35 was the right price for this. $35 makes sense when you look at the way their other account type of premium services are priced. They are out of touch and likely don’t understand why players want this option and how it should actually just be free because it would lead to people PLAYING THE GAME MORE AND SUBSCRIBING.


The Hegelian Dialectic, Problem > Reaction > Pre determined Solution. Blizzard creates the problem, players react, Blizzard “fixes” the problem. This was planned all along…

maydrock .

“Classic” marketing.

Bruno Brito

“Blizzard finds problems the players don’t have, and fix the problems with solutions the players don’t want.” – Asmongold.

Elizabeth Stone

So, there’s no reason for a price tag at all. This feature has been something available for free on the PTR forever. It’s completely automated. It should be a once per character feature that you can choose to use. That’s all there should be.

I don’t think Blizzard ever intended to keep the $35 price. My suspicion is that they wanted the $15 fee to start but knew any sort of fee wouldn’t fly well. So what they did is set it to something absolutely insane and then when they “listened to feedback” it’d be a PR win and a financial win.

I say this because any real changes to the game due to community feedback never happened this fast. Blizzard is an extraordinarily stubborn company as of late and doesn’t give an inch until we’ve all been miserable for months and months. Sometimes longer. Something this easy feels more planned.


This feature has been something available for free on the PTR forever.

How the feature works isn’t even the automated character copy service that the PTR uses, which legitimately creates a copy of the character for the PTR server when you go through it.

Per their website, the copies are already created for both the TBC and Classic servers, and when the fee is paid they activate whichever copy you didn’t choose as your “main copy” which they decided was worth emphasizing as a free choice (twice).

The PTR doesn’t have a copy of your character until you use the PTR character copy feature. Both TBC and Classic servers will have a copy of your character (taken from a snapshotted moment), and being able to play both requires this activation fee.

So there’s even less of a reason for a price tag.

Rick Mills

Let’s face it. You can’t win with this tough crowd :)


…nor should they if they’re being disingenuous about it.

Kickstarter Donor

They deserve little to no praise for this, the $35 pricing was beyond stupid as hell and should have obviously been a huge red flag for player backlash with an already tense playerbase.

Glad they lowered it, but that they still seem to be so out of touch is worrysome.


1) create an artificial issue
2) present an egregious solution
3) weather the anticipated backlash
4) walk the egregious solution one small step back
5) bask in the heroic glory of being lauded a friend of the gamers

Works every time.


…that seemed more obvious that they where doing that when they halved Bobby’s bonuses in that rinse and repeat. o.O