Albion Online is officially live on mobile today – check out the goofy live-action trailer!


My phone had a very important message for me when I got up today: Albion Online is installed; you pre-registered for this app, and now it’s installed on your device. That’s right, it’s Albion Online’s mobile launch day has officially arrived, so folks who already play the game that won best indie last year (before the studio was sold) can now jump in from their phones too, while folks who haven’t can try it more easily for the first time. And you don’t even have to wade around in the beta as we did.

“The mobile launch is the last major step in fulfilling the game’s original cross-play promise, and brings a new level of accessibility to the game for veteran and starting players alike,” Sandbox Interactive writes. “With a game as huge and dynamic as Albion Online, development of both the desktop and mobile versions will of course be an ongoing process. For now, we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished along with our community, our supporters, and all our past and present team members who made this incredible milestone – for both the game, and the genre as a whole – possible.”

There’s a promo for everyone running to encourage you to install the game on both PC and mobile in exchange for a sweet horse skin and 100K fame. The live-action launch trailer is fun even if you’re not going to play, following one player and his friends’ attempt to put Albion Online on “mobile” in a way that doesn’t work quite to plan. It’s actually cute. Even the “don’t you guys have phones” bit.

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