The Daily Grind: What convinces you that an MMO ‘leak’ is the real deal?

Yeah, we're gonna talk about the Guild Wars 2 'leak'


So let’s talk about the alleged Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons “leak” that’s been floating around Reddit the last few days. An anonymous leaker dumped a pile of information on Reddit from a supposed early test of parts of End of Dragons, which is meant to release at some point later this year. There are no screenshots and no video and no proof, just a recap of everything from the storyline and maps to new elite specs. And… I’m skeptical.

Some of what’s described is certainly plausible, but it would’ve been easy enough to mock up just based on basic knowledge of the Guild Wars franchise and Factions specifically. And given ArenaNet’s past experiences with leakers (who basically destroyed two expansion reveals), it’s slightly hard to believe it would be so careless a third time. Still, there are a few nuggets in there that struck me as the sort of thing ArenaNet would do. Also, while Reddit has mocked the elite specs, I think some of them sound really good, so in a weird way, I hope some of this is true? But I have a lot of doubts. I personally lean over into the “mostly false” category.

Do you buy any of it? What convinces you that a supposed MMO leak is the real deal?

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