Bless Unleashed hypes up its August 6 Steam launch with a new trailer


Round8 Studios is very excited to remind players that Bless Unleashed is arriving to Steam this coming Friday, August 6th. So excited, in fact, that it’s kicking out a new teaser trailer weeks ahead of time. The devs really want you to know the game’s coming to the platform is what we’re getting at.

The launch date is actually something of a recent development, with both Round8 and publisher Neowiz announcing the PC release just last month after a series of PC beta tests. Prior to that, of course, the MMORPG was launched to consoles last year, while most PC players will be familiar with Bless as its former version, Bless Online, which was sunsetted in September 2019.

This time aims to be different, however, as the devs stated in an interview that they’ve learned “a lot of lessons” about the prior version’s release, and the studio was even willing to push back its PC launch in the interest of polishing things up. Which, of course, leads us to today and the teaser trailer below.

source: Youtube

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So how many launches is this now?…Four? Five?

Toy Clown

Did anyone else notice that the characters on one side resemble WoW characters? Sylvanas and, uh… that Argon guy? Then the ones on the other side resemble the Warrior of Light & Co?



The trailer looks good but it just… kind of looks and sounds like everything other game. If you told me this trailer was for the next season of ESO, I’d believe you.

I’ll probably give the game a try because why not, but I hope it has more personality than this trailer makes it look like it does.