Diablo II Resurrected explains its ‘solve for one, extend to many’ accessibility philosophy

Void where prohibited.

Diablo II Resurrected has a new dev blog out touting its accessibility features, previously hinted at last week. Essentially, Blizzard is trying to update the game for modern sensibilities and expectations without actually taking anything away from the folks who are looking for the same hardcore experience from two decades ago. It’s all about choices.

“The game is over 20 years old, and the longtime Diablo II community is ravenous and heavily entrenched in decades of eccentricities and quirks,” Blizzard’s Drew McCrory explains. “Our team includes many D2 purists who have thousands upon thousands of hours in the game before working on it professionally, and our goal is not to break what isn’t broken. One thing we agree on is that it doesn’t matter how pretty the grass is if you can’t see the legendary staff on the ground; it ultimately sabotages the core gameplay experience. Accessibility is one major area of opportunity for this remaster to shine, and our intention to bring games to more players has evolved and is more refined now than ever before.”

McCrory goes into detail about features like automatic gold pickup, which was intended to help controller folks but actually turned out to help PC users with mobility issues too – an extra plus. “While we implemented this option with one type of player in mind, we ended up benefiting countless other players by giving them a quality of life (QoL) option they can choose to enable when they configure their personal Diablo II experience,” he says.

There’s much more to the blog, including tweaks for keybinds, gamma settings, UI scaling, readability, even audio sliders.

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