EVE Online announces vague plans to end resource scarcity later this year


This one requires a bit of backstory to fully understand, so allow us a moment to recap: Back as early as December 2019, CCP Games had started making changes to EVE Online’s resource availability, removing or vastly reducing yields for null sec mining and moon mining and then shifting ore spawn types and quantities in what was called a “resource distribution” plan. According to the devs, this action was taken because the economy needed the check against economic instability, but promised in an end-of-year economic report in 2020 that scarcity would not be the norm. “Abundance breeds complacency and scarcity breeds war,” wrote the studio at the time.

This brings us to the July status update post, which promises outright, “Scarcity firmly ends in Q4 2021 with additional resources as well as player choice for what resources to distribute in your sovereign space.” Specific details aren’t being outlined for just what this means, but the post does provide a general list of adjustments including increased quantity of all resources across New Eden, the addition of moon goo and gas compression, balancing of all mining ships, specialized holds for gas and ice resources, and a rework of the industrial index including greater choice over the distribution of resources, with “more exciting detail” planned to arrive closer to release.

source: official site. With thanks to Wilhelm for the extra context!

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Richard de Leon III

I dunno…if things were scarce I would be totally reluctant to use resources in a fight. The mantra “abundancy breeds complacency…” applies more to real life where death/defeat has a finality. In a game with respawning involved I would stop fighting and become inactive until my resource stash was comfortably stocked.

Vanquesse V

well if most of the valuable materials come from player owned parts of space there would probably be more fighting over them. I don’t think this scarcity affects any individual player as much as it does bigger corps or alliances. The article specifically mentions “stockpiles” of resources they wanted gone and that doesn’t sound like something most players have.

Wilhelm Arcturus

There is probably an interesting post or discussion to be had about attempting to counteract various forms of “mudflation,” like stat/power creep and economic fluctuations where prices either rise or fall dramatically, through measures like CCP is doing with EVE and GGG is doing with Path of Exile versus the more traditional method, which tends to be simply to embrace it and align new content to the reality of the stat or economic inflation. And does a stat squish like WoW did count, or is that just resetting the inflation to a new scale, like printing larger denomination bank notes so you can fit all you need in your wallet?


On its face this seems completely asinine. What is the point of nullsec space if you can just mine the same resources somewhere 10x safer?

Vanquesse V

By reading the article it sounds like the scarcity was always meant to be a temporary measure to force their economy in a certain direction and nowhere in that post do they mention distributing null sec resources in high sec.
It’s almost reverse, as capital ship production is decoupled from T1 materials so you need less high sec materials in null sec.