Elite Dangerous outlines the changes to the camera suite arriving in the next PC update


While it might not be the highest priority fix needed for the Elite: Dangerous Odyssey expansion, those who love to take screenshots of the game or otherwise join in the #StellarScreenshots feature (or even our own One Shots column) will be happy to know that Update 6 of the PC version is adding a whole bunch of improvements to the camera suite.

One of the big parts of these improvements is the elimination of occlusion caused by another vessel or certain parts of the player’s own ship/SRV, meaning there are fewer camera angles where players get a “Signal Lost” black screen. The free camera mode of the suite also has new collision detection to further prevent the camera from entering areas where the screen would black out. Collision of the camera was also improved to various other locations like in hangars, when zooming in on ships in flight, and near a hangar floor. Finally, the camera can zoom out to farther distances when in space, on planets, or on foot.

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