Tower of Fantasy is a new MMO from Perfect World Entertainment with a sci-fi bent

Here we go again.

Ah, Tower of Fantasy, a perfect title for a game that actually looks to be more science-fiction inspired than fantasy-inspired. Here, let’s get your consternation out of the way up front, as the game is being published by Perfect World Entertainment, it’s a Chinese game, and it’s on mobile as well as PC apparently. For those of you who aren’t immediately uninterested… well, this actually looks pretty interesting, reminiscent of a rather popular game with a similarly split release but as a full-featured MMORPG.

We’ve even mentioned it before in brief, if you’ve forgotten. (You probably have and that’s fine.)

Getting information about the game is rather difficult, of course, and as the game is currently only officially announced for Chinese release it’s still fragmentary information. That having been said, there are trailers for the game as well as early beta gameplay and character customization. There’s widespread speculation that the game is gearing up for a worldwide release in 2022; the second closed beta event wrapped up in April in China, so it’s not unreasonable to assume a full release in its native country before the end of the year. If you like science fiction settings, anime aesthetics, and cliff-diving, it’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled for this title.


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You know that science fiction and fantasy aren’t mutually exclusive, right? I mean, the highest grossing movie franchise of all time has a guy in a hyper-technological metal suit interacting with an Asgardian god, its quintessential competing franchise has the daughter of a Greek god and a nanotech-enhanced cyborg in the same team, and the creator of the second highest grossing movie franchise defined its genre as “Space Fantasy”.


Eliot, I super respect your games journalism–I always read your stories on MassivleyOP–but may I offer a gentle critique? I don’t think it’s okay to include “It’s a Chinese game” in your list of reasons people might be uninterested in it. People might not like PWE as a publisher for legitimate reasons, or might not like games with mobile cross-play for legitimate reasons, but suggesting people might give a game a pass because of the nationality of the developers is not okay–it plays into a racist narrative. If there’s something you think is wrong with a game, please tell us what that actual thing is, rather than pointing to the nationality the developers. Maybe the game is P2W, maybe the developer has shady business practices, maybe it’s boring or the graphics are ugly or there are no English captions–those are salient features related to the game and our experience of it. But lumping the nationality of the developers into a list of reasons not to like a game is not kosher. Imagine saying “It’s a Nigerian game. Lost interest yet?” or “It’s an American game, so lower your expectations” or “It’s a French game, and we all know what those are like.”

Patreon Donor

I’m not trying to start a debate, but I’m glad he said what he said. He could have said Eastern, Asian, Japanese, Korean or some such. This doesn’t make or even imply racism. It told me it would probably be cash shop heavy, hand holding, Hallway type progression, with Anime style art and graphics. Definitely not my type of game.

I think we need to be careful how we read things these days. Your comment implies that you inferred a slight racial tone to the article. But nothing he said after the word Chinese implies anything with racial overtones. As a reader I shouldn’t place my own inference into something that was never said.

jason zoldessy

I agree. There are people in this world, myself included, that refuse to support a totalitarian regime.

Boris Sanchez

This is insanity. Any reasonable person will understand exactly why Eliot wrote that sentence. You literally got triggered because he used the word Chinese, without even understanding the context. C’mon dude.

Eliot, keep up the good work.

Anthony Clark

I was excited until I saw the gameplay video. Looks mobile. That’s a no for me.

Kickstarter Donor

Visually it is stunning. The control system looked pretty mobile’esque though and it’s PWE so the big question mark is business model and how over monetized will it be?

Definitely worth keeping an eye on though.

Scorp Gang

Help! I rolled my eyes when I saw “Perfect World Entertainment” and now they are stuck!