SEED dev blogs discuss city building, player testing reactions, and the first version of an economy


If you were worried that the somewhat sort list suggested by this story’s headline meant that there weren’t a lot of developer blogs roaring out of SEED, then don’t be. There’s plenty for the devs at Klang Games to talk about as the team moves its way along the development pipeline of the colony building MMO. And of course, that means another bulleted list.

  • Cities. It’s been a topic of several blogs from the game, but this one is specifically about building a city along with several technical challenges like making sure AI knows how to navigate multi-level buildings with different rooms.
  • Care for a little working music? Then enjoy this small preview of one of the game’s tracks. By all accounts, this is a tiny blog, but it’s mostly about tunes so that tracks.
  • As one might expect, SEED is going to have an economy, though according to this post it’s going to start off pretty basic, with players earning money by completing jobs and buying items in the supermarket. Of course, this is going to be iterated upon, but yay economics!
  • One of the aspects players will manage their Seedlings is through a schedule feature, which will not only help players allocate time for tasks but also help their Seedlings grow and develop.
  • It’s not all cities and buildings and factories in SEED colonies. There’s going to be parks as well. Parks are nice to have.
  • What types of people are playing SEED? This blog breaks down the kinds of personality types the game has drawn in to this point.
  • Speaking of people playing SEED, the devs have decided to share thoughts and impressions from a recent player playtest, discussing some of the development team’s embarrassment, frustration, and delight with the testing process and player reaction.
  • It’s not a SEED blog recap without at least some bug highlights, and this week’s spotlight features Seedlings sleeping on one another and an absolute deluge of Seeling thought bubbles.
  • Finally, the devs have offered up a peek at the game’s logistics processes, detailing the various threads that will link various Seedling jobs and industries together that players will have to account for.

Incidentally, that final blog post signals a three week-long summer break for the dev blog, at which point the team promises to have plenty more to share with fans. In the meantime, we can enjoy the silence, perhaps.

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