Guild Wars 2’s One Path Ends is free for all players this week as game perks hit Amazon Prime Gaming


End of Dragons may have everyone buzzing, but Guild Wars 2 has stuff going on right now that won’t require you to wait until next February. For starters, One Path Ends is this week’s freebie episode; originally released in 2017, it was the capstone episode for season six, which led into Path of Fire itself. The episode is free for all players, including F2P players, for the next week.

“Log in to Guild Wars 2 between August 3 and August 9 to unlock this week’s spotlight episode for free! Check your in-game mailbox for a letter containing a story unlock token. You’ll find the unlocked episode under Living World Season 3 in your story journal tab, which is located in the Hero panel. If you’ve already unlocked the episodes previously, you don’t need the tokens – you’re good to go!”

For those keeping track at home, we’re expecting the first of four beta events starting on August 17th, then the return of living world season four starting August 24th.

ArenaNet also announced that it’s joined the Prime Gaming squad with in-game boosters for Amazon Prime Gaming users. The current package includes an item booster, experience booster, karma booster, 10-slot bag, and minipet.

Finally, composer Maclaine Diemer announced on Twitter last night that he’s completed the last piece of music for End of Dragons.

“I’m very tired and there’s still lots of work to be done, but the hard part is over and I’m ending on a high note,” Diemer wrote. “I genuinely can’t wait until fans can hear this one! There’s a huge team involved in making this soundtrack, who I’ll shout out/thank when the time comes (game studios LOVE to keep secrets), but I’m sending them all my gratitude now for their help. It’s been more work than any other OST for the game, and that’s saying something.”


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Wouter Kamphuis

Season six is not a thing in Guild Wars 2, season 3 was the lead up to PoF and this episode was the sixth episode in that season. They even mention season 3 in the quoted piece.