EVE Online dishes out skillpoints for Amarr Foundation Day, EVE Echoes celebrates first birthday


If you’re a bit bummed by the de facto end of the World War Bee 2 in EVE Online, CCP Games is offering a more structured event for your entertainment. “Today the holy Amarr people come together to honor the sanctity of Amarr Foundation Day, celebrating the construction of the first Amarr church by Prophet Dano Gheinok,” the studio says. “Said to be built over this original church, the Grand Basilica of St. Gheinok sits in the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad and is considered the “mother church” of the Amarr Imperial Rite. Festivities celebrating this important date will be running through to 12 August and there’s plenty for Capsuleers to get involved in!” Logging in over the next week will see rewards including skins, 25K skillpoints for omega players, a warp speed boost in Amarr space, proving grounds activities, and more.

Meanwhile, over in the mobile spinoff EVE Echoes, NetEase and CCP are celebrating one year since launch; the anniversary update is live in the game as of today. “In the second half of the year, the CONCORD is committed to welcoming more capsuleers into New Eden, so they have started a new Training Tutorial,” NetEase explains. “New pilots who join New Eden will receive a more comprehensive pilot training program from the CONCORD.” Expect new faction wargames, a new training tutorial, data and relic site discovery systems, a celebration pass, and server-wide rewards.


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