Ship of Heroes shows off the end boss fight of its mission beta while discussing difficulty

Go boom.

The smart way to take on the big showdown at the end of the Iris arc currently playable in Ship of Heroes’ mission beta event is to take the time to pull enemies out of the central chamber one at a time. That’s not the way the players choose to take on the content in the latest video, though; instead, they opt to charge in with powers blazing. But as the article about the mission beta notes, that’s really down to personal preference and fear of a death penalty. And that also raises the question of how difficult this content is supposed to be in the first place.

The article itself outright admits that there are better strategies for taking on the content, but the developers are also paying close attention to the difficulty level of this content, because main story missions aren’t supposed to be grueling or unfun. It’s an interesting debate to be had and worth considering as you check out the full rundown of what goes down in this particular challenge and watch the footage just below. Don’t miss our first impressions of the event, either.


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Adam Russell

A vending maching to buy buffs! Both smart and stupid.